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Missions Committee

1.  Membership
a.  Regional Representatives
They shall be selected by ballot vote at each Regional Conference;

ii.  The representative shall be an ordained minister;
iii.  The regional representative
shall be elected for a term of four years, and may be re-elected accordingly as determined by each respective region...
b.  Moderator and General Secretary of the General Assembly
c.  Officers of Elders' Committee
d.  Two representatives from the  Elders' Committee
e.  President of KFTS
2.  Committee Officers
The Chairperson

b.  The Vice Chairperson
c.  The Secretary
d.  These offices shall be elected by its members during a meeting of the Committee for a term of four years; and, these officers shall execute their given tasks following their approval by the General Assembly;
3.  Responsibilities
a.  Seek and determine opportunities for mission work of the Church, both locally and afar;
b.  All correspondences for the Mission work of the Church shall be conducted by the General Secretary and Committee Secretary;
c.  Shall assess all aspects pertinent to the Missionaries called for the work, so that they are in compliance with the general practices and procedures of the Church's mission;
d.  Shall visit, on a timely basis, the mission works established, as well as to assess their current status;

(CCCAS Constitution - Chapter XIII," 6th Revision, 2010)

Missions Committee  -  Komiti Fa'amisionare

Rev. Dr. S. Leanavaotaua Sevaaetasi

Rev. Salesa Fatu Fa'alau
Vice Chairperson

Rev. Ekitoa Sopoaga

1.  Rev. Dr. S. Leanavaotaua Sevaaetasi Eastern (AS)
2. Rev. Salesa Fatu Fa'alau Northern California
3.  Rev. Ekitoa Sopoaga Manu'atele (AS)
4.  Rev. Reupena Alo                             Western (AS)
5.  vacant Central (AS)
6.  Rev. Tafale Fuiava Hawaii
7.  Rev. Kelekolio Koloi American Northwest
8.  Rev. Vaimoso Pasia Alaska
9.  Rev. Ailao Tofaeono Southern California
10.  Rev. Tumau Petaia New Zealand & Australia
11.  Rev. Dr. Moreli Niuatoa President, KFTS
12.  Rev. Elder FIti Aofia Elders' Committee, Chairperson
13.  Rev. Elder Dr. Leatulagi Faalevao Elders' Committee, Secretary
14.  Rev. Elder Tautalatasi Fanolua Elders' Committee, Representative
15.  Rev. Elder Dr. Tony Hollister Elders' Committee, Representative
16.  Rev. Elder Faaeteete Saifoloi Moderator, General Assembly
17.  Rev. Nafatali Falealii General Secretary, General Assembly