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General Purposes Committee

1.  Membership
a.  Regional Representatives
They shall be elected by ballot vote at each Regional Conference.

ii.  One ordained Minister or Lay Preacher
iii.  One Deacon or Communicant member...
b.  Officers of the General Assembly
c.  Two representatives from the Women's General Fellowship
2.  Committee Officers
a.  The Chairperson
b.  The Vice Chairperson
c.  The Secretary
d.  These offices shall be elected by its members during a meeting of the Committee for a term of two assembly periods; and these offices shall execute their given tasks following their approval by the General Assembly.
3.  Responsibilities
b.  Watch over the land properties and fixed assets of the Church
c.  Execute resolutions of the General Assembly pertinent to planning and building for physical development
d.  Present its report to the Gen. Assembly for awareness and approval
e.  Render to the Gen. Secretary all matters relating to correspondences, esp with regards to the development of the church's infrastructure
f.  Oversee development projects mandated by the Gen. Assembly
g.  Working fund of not more than $10,000.00 in between assemblies for emergency matters pertinent to the physical plant of the church.

("CCCAS Constitution - Chapter XIV," 6th Revision, 2010)

General Purposes Committee  -  Komiti o Feau Eseese

Lei Sonny Thompson, Deacon

Rev. Aliioaiga Filoialii
Vice Chairperson

Rev. Iasepi Ulu

 1. Lei Sonny Thompson, Deacon  Manu'atele (AS)
 2.  Rev. Aliioaiga Filoialii  Northern California
 3.  Rev. Iasepi Ulu  Central (AS)
 4.  Rev. Kaimoko LIfuka  Manu'atele (AS)
 5. Laaloi Lilio, Deaconess  Central (AS)
 6.  Rev. Sapini Teo  Eastern (AS)
 7.  Gaoteote Tofau, Deacon  Eastern (AS)
 8.  Ufuti Ieremia, Deacon  Western (AS)
 9.  Rev. Manuele Mataafa  Western (AS)
 10.  Rev. Frank Papu      Hawaii
 11.  Talaolevave Tootoo, Deacon  Hawaii
 12. Rev. Edwin Galeai  Alaska
 13. Faausugafa Sappa, Deacon  Alaska
 14. Seu Savea, Deacon  Northern California
 15. Rev. Gafoa Pulu  Southern California
 16. Savea Paniani, Deacon  Southern California
 17.  Rev. Nofoaiga Moi  American Northwest
 18.  Amosa Oloi, Deacon  American Northwest
 19.  Rev. Tautalaaso Asiata  New Zealand & Australia
 20.  Tuimuaiava Tosi, Deacon  New Zealand & Australia 
 21.  Rev. Elder Faaeteete Saifoloi  Officer, General Assembly
 22.  Rev. Elder Leatulagi Faalevao  Officer, General Assembly
 23.  Rev. Nafatali Falealii  Officer, General Assembly
 24. Fiasili Puni E. Haleck  Officer, General Assembly
 25.  Lahaina Mulitalo Women's General Fellowship
 26.  vacant Women's General Fellowship