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Elders' Committee

1.  Membership
a. Elder Ministers
i. The Election
i)  Eligibility for selection is limited only to the congregation ministers within each particular District
ii) The selection is made only by the congregation ministers...

iii)  The election shall be by secret ballot....
iv) An Elder from another District or nearby Region shall preside over the selection of the Elder...
ii.  Responsibilities
i)  The Elder shall serve this office for a term of five years, and is eligible for re-election having met the above conditions for selection..

ii) In the event an Elder discontinues service within his congregation, he shall vacate the Office of Elder...
iii.  Other Duties
i) Oversee all activities engaging the participation of clergy and spouses as pertinent to their spirituality.

b. Elder Deacons
i. The Election
i) There shall be one Elder Deacon for each Region.

ii) This office shall be filled with the popular vote of the active deacons within each Region...
ii. Responsibilities
i) The Elder Deacon shall serve this office for a term of five years,  and is eligible for re-election having met the conditions for selection.

iii. Other Duties
i) Assist the Elder Minister and clergy with the outward development of each congregation in the Region....

ii) Shall do an annual visitation within the Region - "fa'a-Mati" - to observe and advise congregations regarding necessary outward development...

("CCCAS Constitution - Chapter XII," 6th Revision, 2010)

Elders' Committee  -  Komiti a le 'Au Toeaina

Rev. Elder Fiti Aofia

             Rev. Elder Dr. Leatulagi Faalevao

 1.  Rev. Fiti Aofia  Vaifanua  Eastern (AS)
 2.  Rev. Dr. Leatulagi Faalevao  Saole  Eastern (AS)
 3.  Rev. Kereti Faiai  Sua  Eastern (AS)
 4.  Rev. Ioane Evagelia  Fagaloa  Central (AS)
 5.  Rev. Tusi Seanoa  Ituau  Central (AS)
 6.  Rev. Dr. Tony Hollister  Tualauta & Leasina  Sisifo (AS)
 7.  Rev. Tautalatasi Fanolua  Tualatai & Aitulagi  Sisifo (AS)
 8. Rev. Faaeteete Saifoloi  Fofo & Alataua  Sisifo (AS)
 9.  Rev. Iosefa Autele  Fale-Ta'u  Manu'atele (AS) 
 10. Rev. Lamese Faafili  Fale-Luanuu  Manu'atele (AS)
 11. Rev. Falelua Lafitaga  Hawaii-East  Hawaii
 12. Rev. Kalasa Afuola  Hawaii-West  Hawaii
 13. Rev. Kenape Eliapo  San Francisco  Northern California
 14. Rev. Siausaga Siamu      Santa Clara  Northern California
 15. Rev. Dr. Liona Thompson  Los Angeles-North  Southern California
 16. Rev. Setefano Young  Los Angeles-South  Southern California
 17. Rev. Suitulaga Faiai  Oceanside & San Diego  Southern California
 18. Rev. Aunuua Vasega  Seattle  American Northwest
 19. Rev. Logovii Polu  USO  American Northwest
 20. Rev. Eneli Kalifa  Alaska-North  Alaska
 21. Rev. Niutunu Faiupu  Alaska-South  Alaska
 22. Rev. Mafutaga Faaleaoga  Auckland  New Zealand & Australia
 23. Rev. Malaki Muaiava  Wellington  New Zealand & Australia
 24. Rev. Nofoaga Onesemo  Sydney  New Zealand & Australia


 25. Mamea Sala, Deacon Eastern (AS)
 26. Soliai Fuimaono, Deacon Central (AS)
 27. Savali Talavou Ale, Deacon Western (AS) 
 28. Malemo Tausaga, Deacon  Manu'atele (AS)
 29. Faalepo Soloialii, Deacon  Hawaii
 30. Mekaio Tinitali, Deacon  Northern California
 31. Pouniu Laie, Deacon  Southern California
 32. Leatu'au A. Tauese, Deacon  American Northwest
 33. Vaeao Taliulu, Deacon  Alaska
 34. Patea Patea, Deacon  New Zealand & Australia