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Education Committee

1.  Membership
a.  Regional Representatives
They shall be elected by ballot vote at each Regional Conference.

ii.  One ordained Minister or Lay Preacher
iii.  One Deacon or Communicant member...
b.  Director of Christian Education (ex-officio)
c.  Principal - Kanana Fou High School (ex-officio)
3.  Responsibilities
a.  Oversee the educational institutions and affairs of the Church, except Pastor's school programs and KFTS, in accordance with those policies approved by the General Assembly
b.  Oversee and prepare the Chris-tian education curriculum for con-gregations and learning institutions of the Church, as well as manage education matters with relations to other Christian churches
c.  Maintain relations with the Department of Education with regards to educational matters.  The General Secretary shall administer and process all correspondences regarding program development of the learning institutions
f.  Engage in planning new educational developments...
g.  Deliberate on matters relevant to scholarship, except those scholarship programs for KFTS, which are under the management of the Board of Regents
h.  Work collaboratively with the General Secretary on scholarship assistance for those persons approved by the General Assembly for further education
i.  Approve the Director of Christian Education for a term of four years.

("CCCAS Constitution - Chapter XVI," 6th Revision, 2010)

Education Committee  -  Komiti o Aoga

Rev. Eleasaro Faataa

FIu Johnny Saelua, Deacon
Vice Chairperson

Rev. Semo Tapaleao

 1. Rev. Eleasaro Faataa
 Central (AS)
 2. Fiu Johnny Saelua, Deacon  Western (AS)
 3. Rev. Semo Tapaleao  Western (AS)
 4. Vailoata Amituana'i, Deacon  Central (AS)
 5. Rev. Samuelu Tuilaepa  Eastern (AS)
 6. Vitale Siamu, Deacon  Eastern (AS)
 7. Clint Ilaoa, Layman  Manu'atele (AS)
 8. Fauaniga Sai, Deacon  Manu'atele (AS)
 9.  Rev. Fagale'a Tua      Hawaii
 10. Aoatoa Augafa, Deacon  Hawaii
 11. Rev. Tautua Amosa  Northern California
 12. Enesi Logoleo, Deacon  Northern California
 13. Rev. Menisa Sasa  Southern California
 14. Arieta Suafo'a, Deacon  Southern California
 15. Rev. Sapati Sio  Alaska
 16. Tauamo Sami, Deacon  Alaska
 17. Rev. Suipi Vaielua  American Northwest
 18. Bernie Porotesano, Deacon  American Northwest
 19. Rev. Ieremia Allen  New Zealand & Australia
 20. Taulepapa S. Falaniko, Deacon  New Zealand & Australia
 21. Rev. Setefano Pouli  Director, Christian Education
 22.  Mrs. Sinaitaaga Tufele  Principal, KFHS