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Development Committee

1.  Membership
a.  Regional Representatives
They shall be elected by ballot vote at each Regional Conference.

ii.  One ordained Minister or Lay Preacher
iii.  One Deacon or Communicant member...
b.  General Secretary
c.  One Representative from Women's Fellowship
d.  One Representative from Youth Fellowship...
2.  Committee Officers
a.  The Chairperson
b.  The Vice Chairperson
c.  The Secretary
These offices shall be elected by its members during a meeting of the Committee for a term of two assembly periods and subject to the approval of the General Assembly; and these offices shall execute their given tasks following their approval by the General Assembly.  
3.  Responsibilities
Plan, manage and coordinate all feasible developments...

b.  Execute business to utilize the Fagalele Housing project for the financial benefit of the Church
c.  Seek various avenues for wider financial development of the church although subject to the approval of the General Assembly
d.  Present a budgetary proposal for developmental projects before the General Assembly for approval
e.  Concur with the Gen. Purposes Committee for developmental projects involving and utilizing any physical assets of the Church as subject to the approval of the General Assembly

("CCCAS Constitution - Chapter XVII," 6th  Revision, 2010)

Development Committee  -  Komiti o Atina'e

Rev. Tafu Afusia

Rev. Ieremia Aoelua
Vice Chairperson

Leala Elisara Pili, Deaconess

 1. Rev. Tafu Afusia  Eastern (AS)
 2. Fonoti U. Simanu, Deacon  Eastern (AS)
 3. Leala Elisara Pili, Deaconess  Central (AS)
 4. Rev. Waiana Tanielu  Central (AS)
 5. Rev. Eteuati Toma  Western (AS)
 6. Manavalofa Manase, Deacon  Western (AS)
 7. Tupua Sega, Layman  Manu'atele (AS)
 8. Afa Pelesasa Afe, Deacon  Manu'atele (AS)
 9.  Danny Gutu, Layman  Hawaii
 10. Opeta Ofagalili, Deacon  Hawaii
 11. Rev. Iotamo Falealili  Alaska
 12. Losivale Talamaivao, Deaconess  Alaska
 13. Rev. Ieremia Aoelua Northern California
 14. Pete Noga, Deacon Northern California
 15. vacant  Southern California
 16. Falefatu Siliva, Deacon  Southern California
17. Rev. Enoka Gatoloai  American Northwest
18. Kilisi Ulugalu, Deacon American Northwest 
19. Rev. Alosio Mikaele  New Zealand & Australia
10. Tofae Pulemagafa, Deacon  New Zealand & Australia
11. Mina Saifoloi, FFT  Women's Fellowship
12. Manutafea I. Fano, Layman  Youth Fellowship
13. Rev. Nafatali Falealii  General Secretary